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Bachnagairn *Ceilidh*

Based in: Dundee, Central, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 3/4 piece band including two fiddles, drums, keyboard and (optionally) singer - both scots and gaelic - and guitarist.
Contact: Ingrid
Tel: 01382 736783
Tel: 01382 566429

We also offer solo/duet fiddlers for recitals.

Information supplied by Ingrid <>.

Banish Misfortune (formerly Bon Accord founded 1974) *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Dorset, Hampshire & Surrey - we cover most of South East and West England.
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, fiddle and drums
Recordings: None currently in public domain
Contact: Henry L Garfath
Tel: [+44] (0)1962 885628
Fax: [+44] (0)844 804 8852

If you don't want to hire, or haven't got space for a band, we also offer "2-4-1 Ceilidhs"- lively recorded Scottish dances with the added bonus of a party disco. As 2-4-1 we cover a greater area - from Bodmin to Bangor to Birmingham and beyond (see our website for more information).


Information supplied by Henry L Garfath.

Bare Necessities *Ceilidh* *SCD*

Based in: Boston
Style: English CD
Typical line-up: 2 fiddles, flute/whistles, piano
Recordings: Bare Necessities - English Country Dances, (1983)
Take a Dance, (1991)
Nichtcap, (1996)
, Favourites of the Boston Center, (1999)
More Favourites of the Boston Center, (1999)
Contact: Peter Barnes
5 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, Massachusetts
USA 01773
Tel: 617-259-8442

Bare Necessities is a Boston-based quartet known nationwide for its unique presentation of English country dance music. The quartet, composed of Earl Gaddis and Mary Lea (violin and viola), Peter Barnes (flute and whistles), and Jacqueline Schwab (piano) has been playing weekly country dances since 1978, performing music primarily from the 17th and 18th centuries. They have toured in England as a band and have played for concerts, festivals, workshops, balls and dance camps throughout the United States and Canada over the years. In the course of concertizing and dance playing, they have become increasingly free in their improvisatory explorations of these beautiful melodies. The resulting sound is that of both chamber and folk music, yet extraordinarily inventive and playful with its interweaving of harmonies and countermelodies.

Information taken from their web site.

Bella MacNab's Dance Band *Ceilidh* *Reeling* *SCD*

Based in: Edinburgh
Style: Ceilidh/SCD
Typical line-up: 3 fiddles, guitar, piano, double bass
Recordings: None
Contact: David Francis
214 Portobello High St, EDINBURGH, EH15 2AU
Tel: 0131 669 8824
Mobile: 07825 788861

Bella's contains some top players from the Scottish folk scene, who also understand the demands of producing good dance music for ceilidh goers, reelers and Scottish Country Dancers. Top class calling, fiddling and rhythm with a wide range of dances, and always a varied programme.

Bella made her Take the Floor debut in March 2002, one of the few non-accordion bands to be featured on that programme, and was invited back in May 2003.

Information supplied by David Francis (

The Belle Star Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh
Style: Ceilidh Scottish/American
Typical line-up: 2 fiddles, bass and guitar
Recordings: none
Contact: Gica Loening
The Belle Star Ceilidh Band is formed of four Edinburgh women. Well established band who have performed around Scotland and Europe since 1995. Excellent caller and swingy fiddle sound.

For more information, see their home page.

Information supplied by Cathy Wood and Gica Loening.

The Benachally Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Tayside
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Jim Leighton - midi accordian, piano; Pete Clark - fiddle; Martin MacLeod - fiddle; Martin Hadden - guitar, electric bass; Jake Donnelly - dance caller, banjo & vocals; Martin Dibbs - drums.
(But line-up is flexible)
Recordings: Happy Feet (1997) Smiddymade - SMD610/CSMD610
Contact: The Benachally Ceilidh Band, Stronachullin, Emma Terrace, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, PH10 6JA
Tel: 01250 876088
email: Jim Leighton (
The Benachally Ceilidh Band is based in Tayside Scotland and features former members of Capercaille, Silly Wizard, The Dougie MacLean Band and An Teallach. The band is continually adding new dances to their repertoire from Scotland and Ireland whilst picking up the odd dance from their world travels! The band has an experienced dance caller who will demonstrate the dances and generally help the party go with a swing.

For more information, see their home page.

Information supplied by Jim Leighton.

Bennachie *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen/Forfar and willing to travel
Style: SCD/Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 5-piece (lead box, second box, fiddle, keyboard and drums) preferred, but happy to work with anything from duo up.
Recordings: Happy Feet (1997) Smiddymade - SMD610/CSMD610
Contact: David Hoskins
Tel: 07774-102705

Predominantly traditional Scottish dance music with the ability to add in an odd quickstep/ foxtrot/modern as well. Can cater for ceilidh, Country Dancing and we can teach some of the dances as well.

Typical line up is five peice and we like playing with that number which give a lovely full sound but we are happy to work from a duo.

Information supplied by David Hoskins.

Bernie Hewitt *Ceilidh* *SCD*

Based in: Dunfermline, South-East Scotland
Style: Scottish Country and Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Midi Accordion.
Recordings: None
Contact: Bernie Hewitt
Phone: [+44] (0)1383 623325
Mobile: [+44] (0)7795 233920
Email: Bernie Hewitt (
Bernie Hewitt is an experienced musician who has played for both SCD and ceilidhs for many years. Very lively style and wide ranging repertoire. Ideal if you want live music for an event without the expense of a whole band.

Bernie generally works alone with a Midi accordion, set up to sound like a whole band. Although he has played with other bands, his job means he tends to move every couple of years so he has developed his own style that does not rely on anyone else.

Information supplied by Bernie Hewitt.

Big Squeeze *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Fiddle, flute, bouzouki and conga drums, plus caller; occasionally augmented by uillean pipes and button accordion
Recordings: We currently have no recordings available, but our web site has some samples of our music.
Contact: Kirsteen MacKinnon (
The 'Big Squeeze' sound, as could be expected, is quite Irish, but they do all the usual and unusual Ceilidh Dances, with Scottish/Irish repertoire. The Conga Drummer breaks into the odd 'Port A Beul' now and then in the middle of a set, which provides an unexpected 'lift' to the dancers.

See their web page for more details.

Information supplied by Susan Dawson and Gordon Turnbull.

The Big Stupit Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Glasgow
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Pipes, guitar, bass and drums, plus caller
Recordings: See Soundcloud page
Tel: 07958 065821

The Big Stupit Ceilidh Band are Scotland's best and most enthusiastic upcoming ceilidh band. Made up of a group of young but widely experienced musicians, this Glasgow-based band mix the rousing call of the bagpipes with a pounding rock rhythm - resulting in a signature sound which is both Big and Stupit. The band's sense of humour shines through as well as their musicianship, and are known to incorporate party games into the middle of a ceilidh (complete, of course, with party prizes!) as well as some of the more obscure and complicated ceilidh dances into a set.

Whether being booked for a wedding, birthday party, private function or putting on their own Big Stupit Ceilidh purely for the craic one thing is for sure - this four piece bring the noise and the party, and will have you Stripping the Willow and going through The Sausage Machine like you never have before. Get in touch with them for more information about the next Big Stupit Ceilidh to see them live and in the flesh. You'll never be regular-sized or entirely sensible again!

Information supplied by Michael.

Bill Black's Scottish Dance Band *SCD* *Ceilidh* *Old Tyme*

Based in: Perth, Central, Scotland,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh, Old Tyme
Typical line-up: 3, 4 or 5-piece: accordion, piano/bass and drums, plus 2nd accordion for 4-piece, and fiddle for 5-piece
Contact: Bill Black
Tel: 01738 828364

I have been playing scottish dance music for the past 52 (fifty two) years and have travelled extensively during that period. We have been broadcasting on radio for the past twenty seven years and have available four LPs, nine cassettes, five CDs and two videos. We do strict scottish country dancing, old time dancing or ceilidh dancing. We play for weddings, dances, concerts or theatre shows.

Information supplied by Bill Black <>.

Blackford Fiddle Group *Ceilidh*

Based in: Blackford / Auchterarder area, Perthshire, Central, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh and performance
Typical line-up: Ceilidh band 5-7 players; Fiddles, Guitar, Flute, Bass, Bodhran, and Whistle
Whole group performances with up to 25 players.
Recordings: Free Reeling (2002): BFGCD001
Contact: There is an online enquiries form on the web or you can email direct to the address below. Email:
Web page:

BFG is available for a wide range of events - ceilidhs, parties, weddings, meetings, pub entertainment, dinners, Burn's Suppers, SWRI, charity, church, school and other gatherings. We can provide a short programme of tunes, a complete evening of entertainment or a full dance. Our Ceilidh Bands will get any event in the mood for dancing. We have two ceilidh bands, both bands offer a full evening of dancing and music to suit any occasion. Prices for the band and caller vary as we discount for fundraising, charity and some other events.

Gigs are very important to us. Not only do they provide a chance for us to perform, but donations and charges mean that BFG is entirely self-funding and we never need to turn anyone away for lack of resources or because they don't have a fiddle of their own.

Whatever your needs we will try to help. If contacting us by email please tell us the date, times (start and finish), venue details and type of event

Information supplied by Andrew Bachel.

Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh* *SCD*

Based in: Glasgow
Style: ceilidh/Scottish Country
Typical line-up: accordion, fiddle, keyboard and drums
Recordings: Recordings: Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band (1995): Lochshore
West Coast and Beyond (1996): Lochshore
Ceilidh Spirit (1999): Ros Dubh RD001
Stepping Out (2002): SKYECD18
Contact: Alasdair MacCuish
690 Crow Road
Tel (mobile): [+44] (0)7973 559 702
Email: [on request]

Alasdair MacCuish & the Black Rose Ceilidh Band were formed in the early nineties at the height of the Ceilidh dance revival in Glasgow and have long been recognised as the 'leading lights' of the ceilidh band world.

Their style is very much focused on the demands of the dancer but musically they draw on influences from the wider Scottish and Irish contemporary folk scenes.

In great demand for radio and TV appearances, they have produced 4 studio albums. Their latest release, 'Stepping Out' has received rave reviews, most notably a 5 star review from Sue Wilson of the Sunday Herald where she notes that the bands arrangements demonstrate 'brilliantly sophisticated diversity and precision honed musicianship. . . '

In a live situation, the band are likely to have you dancing like you have never danced before, and their blistering pace has been known to almost break the sound barrier during a Strip the Willow!!!! The faint hearted beware!!!

Information supplied by Alasdair MacCuish (

Black Velvet Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire
Style: Ceilidh/Barn Dance/Ceili/Weddings
Typical line-up: Fiddle, accordion, guitar and double bass.
Contact: Email:
Tel (mobile): 07980 643988

A professional band with two decades experience, Black Velvet Band can provide you will a first class Barn Dance, Scottish Ceilidh, Irish Ceili or an American Hoedown.

The band's flexible line-up depends on the style and the virtuoso fiddle-playing of Mike Evans leads the band. An accordion and fiddle sit at the heart of the Scottish style and the dance-caller will include all the tried-and-trusted favourites such as 'The Gay Gordons' or 'Strip The Willow'. Want to go Irish? Guitar and excellent vocals join the fiddle and accordion along with double-bass. The guys will throw a few well-known Irish songs and the dance caller gives you 'The Siege Of Ennis' and 'The Bridge Of Athlone'. Nashville-style bluegrass fiddle-playing leads the Hillbilly Hoedown sound, with plenty of "yee hahs" and "dos y doh" included in the dances.

The band is happy to include a session or two of organised dancing in ceilidh or barn dance style. Don't worry if you've never experienced country dancing before. It's easy! The band's dance-caller will walk you through the dances. Anyway, getting mixed up and tying your feet in a tangle is half the fun!

Information supplied by Jennie Evans.

Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent *SCD*

Based in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Style: Scottish Country, Old Tyme
Typical line-up: 2 accordions, piano, bass and drums
Recordings: TAC 50th Anniversary Collection (2008)
Listening Through the Years to Bobby Brown�s Scottish Accent (2008)
Through the Years with Bobby Brown & The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers (2008)
Celtic Fire in the Music (for the band's 30th anniversary - double CD)
Scottish Dance Country
Bobby Brown Collection (compilation of Bobby's first three LP records - double CD)
Grandfather Mountain Gala
Any Good Dance, Any Good Tune (mixture of old tyme and Scottish Country)
For Old Tyme's Sake (listening album)
From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'
Memory Lane
Ready, And...
RSCDS Book 12
Sadly Bobby died in May 2011 - listing kept to preserve the history.

After playing for nearly 20 years with the great Stan Hamilton & the Flying Scotsman, in 1974, Bobby Brown formed the Scottish Accent, a five piece band playing in the Scottish tradition. They have become the leading Scottish Dance band in North America. The band has 14 CDs to their credit, available from Highlander Music (Ross-shire, Scotland), TACSound (RSCDS associate in Vancouver, BC) or Brownrigg Productions (Toronto). Bobby's band are well known in Scottish Country Dance communities throughout the world, playing regularly from coast to coast in Canada and USA for workshops, weekends, Balls and social dances. They have also toured Scotland, England, Ireland, and Germany and have made numerous recordings for BBC Radio's Take the Floor programme. In 2004 Bobby was awarded the Scroll of Honour by the RSCDS in Edinburgh for his contribution to Scottish music and dance. In addition, Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent were the first band outside of Scotland to record for the RSCDS (Book 12). The Scottish Accent band are comfortable playing for Scottish Country Dancing, Ceilidh dancing and if required, "middle of the road" modern/mixed/old tyme dancing. Bobby's band is known for its unique sound and style.

Information supplied by Lisa & Bobby Brown.

Bon Accord *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh?
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, drums, keyboard
Recordings: ???
Contact: Ken Gourlay (
3 Hayfield
Edinburgh EH12 8UJ
Tel & fax 0131 339 5374 (24 hours)

Information supplied by Ken Gourlay (

The Bon Accords Ceilidh Band *SCD* *Ceilidh* *Irish trad*

Based in: Dumfries and Galloway, South-west, Scotland,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh, Irish trad
Typical line-up: 2-piece: Three row Shand MorinoAccordion/Singer (Robin) and Piano key MIDI accordion/Singer/Bass/Percussion(Deryn)
Contact: Robin Waitt
Tel: 013873 71423
Web page:

The Bon Accords are husband and wife team, Robin and Deryn Waitt from Dumfries and Galloway in the South of Scotland. Robin plays the famous Shand Morino 3 row accordion, which has been fitted with M.l.D.I. to enable the accordion to produce a vast range of sounds to complement the music. Deryn plays piano midi accordion and is the main vocalist. Robin started playing at ten years of age when the great Jimmy Shand, who also gave him tuition and advice, supplied his first accordion. Deryn started later in life, but thanks to her mother, had a thorough training in music and piano.

The Bon Accords started their musical career playing in pubs and country dance halls building up a reputation in the Scottish Borders. Winning numerous trophies for accordion playing, they soon developed a unique sound together and were soon one of the most sought after groups around, playing for instance on the same stage as the famous Jimmy Shand Band on many occasions. Their popularity is attributed in no small way to their presentation and approach. After meeting the legendary Dermot O'Brien on his first visit to Scotland, the pair were particularly impressed by his sheer professionalism and approach..They emulated this approach giving a smart enthusiastic performance that was unique in the area.The Bon Accords play a wide variety of music, but most important is the Scottish Traditional Ceilidh Music as ceilidh dancing in Scotland is undergoing a big revival at the moment. There are dancing classes in many areas introducing new dances all the time. They play at many of the Traditional Music Festivals including the Isle of Mull Festival, and indeed play regularly in The Mishnish Hotel, Tobermory, home of the late great Bobby McLeod. They have appeared on Border Television, and for many years have played the Wednesday cabaret show at Gretna Hall Hotel in Gretna Green, world famous as a marriage centre.

Information supplied by Robin Waitt <>.

Bon Stovi *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh?
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Katherine Stewart (fiddle/caller), Kay Vickers (fiddle/caller), Robert Minns (guitar), Robin Hunter (drums)
Recordings: See Bon Stovi MySpace page
Mobile: (07738) 394927

Put together prodigious young musical talent, exciting and dynamic performances and you have Bon Stovi. The band is a revelation that promises to turn your prized occasion into an extraordinary event. Bon Stovi�s arrival on the Ceilidh scene has brought something new, fresh and exciting to the genre � globally experienced players, compelling and imaginative musical arrangements (with fiddle, guitar and percussion) and a stage presence that exudes high energy.

Book Bon Stovi and bring to your event some of Scotland�s most talented and versatile young musicians performing with a power, energy and spirit that will leave your guests happily exhausted.

Information supplied by Katherine Stewart .

Borders *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh?
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, fiddle, guitar
Recordings: ???
Contact: Ken Gourlay (
3 Hayfield
Edinburgh EH12 8UJ
Tel & fax 0131 339 5374 (24 hours)

Information supplied by Ken Gourlay (

Borland Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Kilmarnock, however will travel where required.
Style: Ceilidh, Reeling, Weddings
Typical line-up: 5 piece compromising: Full time dance caller, Accordion, Fiddle, Keyboard, Guitar, Banjo, Cajon and Bodhran.
Recordings: No full recordings as yet, footage available on youtube, including an appearance on STV's Riverside show.
Contact: Email:

Name: Based in: Kilmarnock Based, however will travel where required. Style: Ceilidh, Reeling, Weddings Typical line-up: 5 piece compromising, Full time dance caller, Accordion, Fiddle, Keyboard, Guitar, Banjo, Cajon and Bodhran. Recordings: No full recordings as yet, footage available on youtube, including an appearance on STV's Riverside show. Contact:

5 piece band from Kilmarnock consisting of some of the greatest talent to come out of the area.

Weddings, Birthdays and Gatherings, we will travel to make sure your night is a cracker. We play traditional music and add a twist and variation like nobody else. Unique in many ways, our dance caller is fully interactive and will be with you every step of the way. He's on the floor ensuring your guests are entertained and involved. It's not your average Ceilidh. There are a fair few tunes mixed in along the way giving revellers a chance to catch their breath in between dances. For Weddings or Birthdays the band also compose a tune and play it on the night for the Happy Couple or Birthday Boy or Girl.

Information supplied by John Paterson

Box O' Bananas *Ceilidh* *rock, songs and craic*

Based in: Stirlingshire, Central, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, rock, songs and craic
Typical line-up: Midi accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bagpipes, vocals and dance tuition
Recordings: Gaun Bananas ():
Contact: Stevie Banana
Web page:

Box O' Bananas are a wild up tempo Ceilidh / rock band who will have you dancing to music from legends such as Will Star or even Deep Purple. The band have performed at all kinds of wonderful and bizarre functions such as the touring of New Zealand, Film Premiers, pub gigs, festivals, British Ambassadors for the Portuguese Embassy, foreign performances for the British Tourist Board and on the lighter funny side of performing, the grand opening of a few ASDA superstores! Box O' Bananas make your night a hoot! Come visit us at

Information supplied by Stevie Banana <>.

Bracken Rigg ceilidh band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Doncaster
Style: Ceilidh, Old Tyme, Continental
Typical line-up: Any combination of - Accordions, Fiddle, String Bass, Drums, Whistle, Concertina, Bodhran + caller
Recordings: ???
Contact: Geoff Wright (
10, Woodside Road
Doncaster DN5 9LE
Tel: 01302 784561 (24hrs)

Twenty plus years playing for Caledonian Societies and spreading the Scottish Country Dance sound across the frozen wastes of the Southern tip of the North of England - recomended for a good sing-song.

Information supplied by Geoff Wright.

Braes of Wansbeck Country Dance Band *SCD*

Based in: Newcastle
Style: Scottish / English / Northumbrian Country Dance Music, including Ceilidh music
Typical line-up: Fiddle, whistle, piano, bass/percussion
Contact: Roger and Deb
tel: 0191 2170496
Facebook: BraesOfWansbeck

Information supplied by Deb Lees.

Brian Lightowler *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: S. Manchester, Cheshire, N. Staffs
Style: SCD/Ceilidh/Weddings/Functions/Jazz
Typical line-up: Accordion or piano, bass, drums
Contact: Brian Lightowler (
mobile: 07973 639622
tel: 01260 227499
Hollin Hall, Swythamley, Rushton Spencer, SK11 0RE

The SD band draws members for the popular Middlemen Jazz Band, a 6 piece band (trumpet, alto, trombone, piano, bass, drums) available for weddings and celebrations in Manchester area. Brian also plays weekly for SCD classes and is familiar with the RSCDS repertoire. The SCD band sometimes performs under the name Summer Whisky with fiddle, 2 accordions, keyboard & drums.

Information supplied by Brian Lightowler.

The Burns Brothers Ceilidh band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Cumbernauld or Glasgow, Central Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 3 - 4 piece: George Burns & John Burns on accordions with Graham Crichton on drums and Neil Ferguson on Fiddle, can go up to 6-piece
Contact: George Burns
Tel: 01236 826154
Tel (mobile): 07984 686970
John Burns
Tel: 01324 631738
Tel (mobile): 07979 451976

We are based in the Cumbernauld area and can go up to a 6 piece band if required, we can also supply a disco and call dances if needed. We have played as guests artists at many accordion clubs and were guests at Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival in October 2004.

Information supplied by George Burns.

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