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Based in: My living room ;-(
Style: Distinctive
Typical line-up: 2 accordions
Recordings: Indelibly ingrained on the audiences' memories
Contact: Don't!

Havers! are an enthusiastic accordion duo with far to go. They produce acccordion music like it has never been played before with a distinctive style quite unlike anyone else's - or even any of their own previous efforts - and their music has a life all of its own...

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank (

The Hallanshankers *Ceilidh*

Based in: Glasgow, South-west, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 6/7 piece - caller, fiddle, accordion, whistle, mandoline, guitar (electric & acoustic), bouzouki, banjo, bass, drums
Recordings: Various self-promotions
Contact: Irene Hind
Tel: 0141 423 0296

The Shankers have been playing together for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on giving folk a good time. As well as Scots & Irish tunes and dances from various corners of the globe we can turn our hand to most styles of song, from Sinatra to Springsteen, from Country to Soul to Blues.

Information supplied by The Smillies.

Haste to the Wedding *Ceilidh*

Based in: Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 5-piece including caller
Recordings: Take to the Floor
Contact: Pete Bouma
Tel: 028 278076

Based in Co. Antrim Northern Ireland, 'Haste to the Wedding' are a five piece folk Band specialising in Traditional Dance Music. They formed in 2000 to play Ceilidh Dance Music. They come from various musical backgrounds, and have extensive experience playing traditional music from Ireland, Scotland England and Wales.

The band play a large variety of instruments including banjo, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, cittern, piano accordion, bodhran and mandolin.

They are also joined on occasions by a drummer / singer Timmy Davis.

For Ceilidhs the band have an experienced caller who keeps everyone on the right track.

Information supplied by Pete Bouma (

Herculean Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Fife and Edinburgh, South-east, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh with a bit of rock n roll
Typical line-up: 4/5 piece: fiddle/caller; accordian;keyboard/vocals;Drums; saxophone/guitar
Recordings: On best behaviour
Contact: Terry
Tel: 07041 323050
Web page:

A versatile ceilidh with a bit of rock n roll. Love doing weddings, parties and all the ceilidhs we can!

Information supplied by Bruce Bennett <>.

The HLI Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh* *Scottish* *Irish* *American*

Based in: Edinburgh and Borders, South-east Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, Scottish, Irish, American
Typical line-up: 3-piece (accordion, fiddle, guitar)
Contact: Ken Gourlay
Tel: +44 (0)131 339 5374
George Reid
Web page:

The HLI Ceilidh Band are among Scotland's top exponents of the Ceilidh tradition. All strong musicians, the Band are equally at home as a 'dance' band and a 'performance' band.

The Band will guide you and your guests through all the traditional Scottish dances and steps (as well as some with a very international flavour).

Information supplied by George Reid <>.

Hogtie *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen, North-east, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Five piece including caller. Instruments - 3 fiddles, guitar, piano.
Contact: Robert Rogers
Web page:

Hogtie are a ceilidh band playing up tempo celidh tunes to a wide variety of dances. We are based in Aberdeen, but as they say, have fiddle, will travel...

Our website is from which you can listen to some MP3s of our gigs and some comments from past organisers.

Information supplied by Robert Rogers <>.

Horizon *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen
Style: scd/ceilidh/60s/Country/old time
Typical line-up: 2-piece: midi accordion/synthesiser and guitar/vocalist.
Recordings: none
Contact: Ian Menzies (

Information supplied by Ian Menzies (

The Hotshot Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen, North-east, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Fiddle, accordion, mandolin/guitar, bass and drums.
Contact: Brian
Tel: 01224 640880
Web page:

Top Scottish ceilidh band playing a hot mix of traditional, original, Scottish, and Irish tunes, with a bit of rock n’ roll and swing for good measure. Available for your wedding, party or event throughout north and northeast Scotland. Dances can be called and walked through if you wish.

The line up can vary, as we have a number of high quality guest musicians, but typically the band would include fiddle, accordian, mandolin /guitar, bass and drums.

Information supplied by Tom Roche.

Hud Yer Wheesht *Ceilidh* *Funky, Modern, Folky*

Based in: Edinburgh and beyoned
Style: Funky ceilidh, modern style
Typical line-up: 5 piece band: drum kit, acoustic guitar, bass, flute, fiddle
Recordings: Live MP3 soundbites are available - see below
Contact: Andy
Tel: 0131 455 8480

There's a definite "groove" factor to a Hud Yer Wheesht ceilidh, the music has a modern, funky, folky, jazzy style. Whatever the occasion, we emphasise the fun in ceilidhs and try to make it a good night for all ! We stick to the easier ceilidh dances, plus a couple of unusual ones, and explain them as required. Typical line-up is drum kit, guitar, bass, flute and fiddle.

Over the years we've played at sports clubs, weddings, conferences, private parties, charity fun(d)raisers: in Scotland and abroad. We can also play smaller gigs as a kind of 'ceilidh-lite'. For more details, reviews, music snippets, forthcoming gigs, photos, please go to our website

Note: Hud Yer Wheesht has many other spellings: Haudyourwheesht, Haud Yer Wheesht, Haudyerwheesht, Haud Your Wheesht or Hud Your Wheesht.

Information supplied by Andy.

Hugh Morrison *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Houston, Texas, USA,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Button key Accordion with MIDI bass, drums
Recordings: Feet to the Floor (2002): DEP0311
Contact: Hugh Morrison
Tel: 832 379 0901
Web page:

(from Andy Ross, Moray Firth Radio)

I first saw Hugh Morrison play as a young lad at the local accordion & fiddle club along with his mentor Ali MacGregor of the Tain Scottish Dance Band.

Hugh took a tremendous interest in traditional Scottish music and played for some considerable time with the Tain Scottish, also making television appearances as a solo performer.

Upon his move to the United States I was afraid he would be lost to the Scottish music scene so was delighted when a copy of his C.D. "Feet to the Floor" arrived from America.

In this recording Hugh clearly shows he has lost none of his skills and plays a great variety of old favourites, also some new tunes including one written recently by Ali for the birthday of Bobby - the family pet dog of Hugh's parents.

The tempos on all the tracks are impeccable - from waltzes, marches through to jigs and reels played on his trusty Hohner Morino.

I was very pleased to receive this, Hugh's second solo recording, which I am certain will give lots of pleasure to many people.

Information supplied by Hugh Morrison <>.

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