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Sandy Nixon *SCD*

Based in: Ayr
Style: Scottish Country
Typical line-up: 2 accordions, Bass, Keyboard and Drums
Recordings: Just what the Doctor ordered
Repeat Prescription, (1992)
Magic Medicine,: GCD 942 (1994)
Highlander Music Scottish Dances Vol 1,: HRMCD501 (1996)
Contact: Sandy Nixon
Contact: Sandy Nixon (
Tel: 01563 851226
When seven-year-old Sandy Nixon received an accordion for Christmas he started playing ... and hasn't stopped since! His enthuusiasm for playing, and for Scottish Country dance music in particular, led to the formation of his own band in the late 1970's. The stable nucleus of the band guarantees the unmistakable Sandy Nixon sound [...]. The band's hallmark breadth of sound augments their superbly arranged tunes, giving life to the contributions of each band member and great pleasure to dancers, listeners and band alike!

Description by Highlander music.

Sandy Nixon is very popular on the Scottish University Dance group circuit.

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank (

Saxofolk *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh
Style: Jazz influenced ceilidh band
Typical line-up: 2 saxes, jazz piano & percussion
Recordings: Saxofolk on SoundCloud

Contact: Email: Web:

We are a jazz & folk ceilidh band based in Edinburgh. By combining traditional Scottish music with jazz styles and standards, we create a vibrant ceilidh experience with a twist.

We are a professional and vivacious band of experienced musicians. As experienced ceilidh callers, we can offer accessible calling to dancers of all levels. Our music is lively and easy to dance to.

As well as ceilidhs, we double up as a jazz function band, so event organisers can kill two birds with one stone by booking us.

Information supplied by Mari Jones.

The Sconeheads *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Style: Scottish Country/Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 7-piece: 3 fiddles, flute, piano, bass, snare
Recordings: none
Contact: Martin Morrisey ( Phone: 818-343-1151
Information supplied by Martin Morrisey (

SCOOROOT *Ceilidh* *Weddings* *corporate functions*

Based in: Fife, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, Weddings, corporate functions
Typical line-up: 3 piece accordion,guitar,mandolin,tenor banjo,bodhran and vocals
Contact: George
Tel: 01592 782121
Tel (work): 01592 872788

SCOOROOT consists of George and Alex from The Kingdom Folk Duo supplemented by one of a number of champion accordion players. Established for over 15 years, they form a tight and professional unit. Clients include Historic Scotland, St. Andrews University ( Various Depts. regularly over the past number of years) Clan Menzies. George and Alex have released a number of albums and you can check out the latest at

Information supplied by George.

Scotch Measure *SCD*

Based in: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Style: Scottish Country
Typical line-up: keyboard, accordian, bass, drums, fiddles
Recordings: Skip Change - 25 original compositions as well as 11 traditional tunes (July 1997)
Contact: Adam Laird
c/o Kirkmuirhill Productions
10 Cambrian Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
or send mail to Rod Brown (
Scotch Measure has been performing in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1981 under the leadership of Adam Laird. For more information, check out their web page or contact

Information supplied by Rod Brown of Kirkmuirhill Productions (

Scotch Mist *Ceilidh*

Based in: Kent
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 5-piece, can include caller
Recordings: Nothing to Declare
Contact: Peter Ransom (
Scotch Mist is a traditional five-piece Scottish Country Dance Band which comes with Lighting/Sound Engineer enabling the band to play in any size venue. If required, we can provide an MC/Caller for Ceilidhs where beginners may need instructions. Our music can be adapted for either the experienced dancer or the newcomer to Scottish Country Dancing.

Scotch Mist is based in Kent, but will play almost anywhere in the UK or overseas. Located close to the channel ports, it is ideal for bookings in Europe. They have a website at

Information supplied by Peter Ransom (

Scottish Measure *SCD*

Based in: Derbyshire
Style: Scottish Country
Typical line-up: 3 or 4-piece depending on availability: accordion, fiddle, drums, keyboard or 2nd accordion
Recordings: RSCDS Graded Book 2 (part) RSCDS CD069 (2010)
A First Dram WAG002 (2002)
Contact: Andrew Lyon (
5 Evesham Avenue
SK13 1QP
Tel: 01457 856 702

Information supplied by Andrew Lyon.

Scott Harvey Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Glasgow
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up:2 Accordions, Banjo and Drums
Recordings: Traditionally Scottish SCBCD1(CD)/SCBCAS1(Tape) (2000)
Contact: Scott Harvey (

The Scott Harvey Ceilidh Band has a unique and lively sound and are a favourite for Scottish Ceilidhs and Weddings.

Information supplied by Scott Harvey (

The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience - ceilidh band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 5-piece: accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass and drums
Recordings: Electric Landlady � The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience
Out Of His Box - The Sandy Brechin Band
Out Of His Tree - The Sandy Brechin Band
Unstoppable - Burach
The Weird Set - Burach
Born Tired - Burach
Deeper - Burach
The First Caul - Seelyhoo
Leetera - Seelyhoo

Contact: Sandy Brechin Brechin All Records
16/2 Panmure Place
Tel/Fax: [+44] (0)131 466 6559
Mobile: [+44] (0)783 125 3228
Email: Web:

Shandrix (for short) is a very lively 5-piece electric ceilidh band led by Sandy Brechin. Sandy does all the calling for dances, if necessary. For the last two years they have played as part of Edinburgh's Hogmanay Celebrations, as well as dances all over Scotland and the UK.

See Sandy Brechin's homepage for more information.

Information supplied by Sandy Brechin and Ewan Wilkinson.

Mark Shaw-Brookman *Ceilidh* *Weddings*

Based in: Burghfield Common, Berkshire, England
Style: Ceilidh, Weddings
Typical line-up: I can provide a band which consists between three and ten musicians, e.g. accordian, guitar, drums, violin, keyboard etc
Contact: Mark J Shaw-Brookman
'Danes Croft'
5 Pembroke Close
Burghfield Common

Tel: 0118 983 3671
Tel (mobile): 07879 618991
Web page:

I can provide you with my services as a Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies; with a Scottish Country Dance Band with whom I am the 'MC/Caller', or with Scottish Country Dance music played through a Minidisc/PA system (with MC/Caller).

When you organise an event, I am sure you would wish to make it memorable and for it to run smoothly. You can choose any combination between a complete package of Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies with Scottish Country Dance Band to individual elements of Toastmaster, Band or Minidisc sound system.

I can assist you to plan your function should you require any guidance and can be available early on the day itself in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Information supplied by Nick Webb.

Shiftin Bobbins Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Stirling, Central, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, banjo, fiddle, concertina, guitar.
Contact: Tim Binney
8 Lennox Avenue
Tel: 01786 479095
Web page:

Information supplied by Tim Binney <>.

Shindig *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen, North-east Scotland
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up:Five piece including caller. Instruments - fiddle, guitar, bass, whistle, drums plus some doubling on other odds and ends as necessary
Recordings: The Rolling Waves Hardstone Records (2003)

Shindig are at the rockier end of the market: more Wolfstone than Jimmy Shand, and will do a wide, or wild, variety of cover versions when asked. We cover all of North East Scotland, but will travel further. You'll find our website at

Information supplied by Graham Stephen.

The Skelpit Lug Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Central Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 6 piece is accordion, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, guitar, guitar/bodhran/caller
4 piece is accordion, fiddle, double bass, guitar/caller
Recordings: An Earful (1998)
From The Heartland (2003)
or call Craig on 01786 474373 or Alex on 01786 841513.

An experienced band (with excellent calling in five languages) which plays for weddings, ceilidhs, celebrations and festivals all over Scotland and sometimes abroad. Over 15 years experience has produced a tight line-up which performs Scottish and Irish music with great skill and enthusiasm, always with a great atmosphere. Check out for more information.

Information supplied by Craig Mair.

Spraoi *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, fiddle, banjo, pipes (highland and uilleann), flute, whistle and songs
Contact: Pat Simmonds
Tel: 416-686-3380
Web page:
Web page:
Web page:

My band "Spraoi" plays for Scottish Country Dances, Highland Games, Celtic Festivals, Weddings and Ceilidhs throughout Ontario and Canada. We're based in Toronto and are willing to travel anywhere. Instruments are accordion, fiddle, banjo, pipes (highland and uilleann), flute, whistle and songs.

Information supplied by Pat Simmonds <>.

The Sprig of Ivy *SCD*

Based in: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Style: Scottish Country, Ceilidh, Cape Breton
Typical line-up: Two fiddles and/or Highland Pipes, Bass, Drum, Piano
Recordings: none
Contact: Terry Traub (,
81 Vine Street
Lexington, MA 02420 USA
Tel: 617-642-7096
The Sprig of Ivy plays for Scottish Country Dances and lists among its members some of New England's most experienced players. The Sprig of Ivy is unique in its use of Highland bagpipes for dances and is known for high energy, exciting arrangements, solid rhythm, and good jokes.

They have a web site at" .

Information supplied by Terry Traub.

The Staffin Island Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Dundee, Central Scotland
Style: Ceilidh, Covers
Typical line-up: 5-piece: 2 fiddles, acoustic guitar, drumkit, bass; we also have a dedicated caller
Recordings: none
Contact: Web:

We play ceilidh sets, a wide range of covers and tune arrangements. Two of the band are vocalists.

Information supplied by Fionnlagh Ballantine

Stan McKee "Sounds Scottish" *SCD*

Based in: Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Style: Scottish Country
Typical line-up: Piano Accordion
Recordings: none
Contact: Stan McKee
2 Walker Street
Ontario, K9V 5Z8

Phone: 705 328 1895
Fax: 705 328 0684

Stan McKee plays mainly in Ontario, and is available to travel (even at short notice) anywhere in Canada and continental USA, and in addition to playing for complete Dance Programs specialises in playing for Workshops, Instruction Classes, Candidates' Classes, Ceilidhs, and Socials.

Spootiskerry Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh* *Wedding* *Student Events*

Based in: Glasgow, Scotland
Style: Ceilidh/Wedding/Student Events
Typical line-up: 6-piece, 3 fiddles, piano, guitar, double bass
Contact: Email:
Web page:

Spootiskerry is a lively, Glasgow-based ceilidh band - available for all your ceilidh needs. We will work with you to create your perfect event, with a wide range of dances and background music to choose from. We strive to ensure that from the first chords of the Gay Gordons to the closing Auld Lang Syne you and your guests have a great night. We cater for a wide range of events from weddings to student society ceilidhs. We are very competitively priced and offer discounts for student and charity events

We are based in Glasgow, but are happy to travel across Scotland and beyond to perform at your event. We tailor all our sets to your needs, so whether your ceilidh is dancing all night, or a shorter affair between dinner and a disco, we are able to provide you with a good range of dances suited to the crowd to make sure that everyone can join in.

Information supplied by Callum Sinclair.

Stradivarious *SCD* *Ceilidh* *Barn Dances* *Square Dances* *Contra Dance*

Based in: Lichfield and Derby, Midlands, England,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh, Barn Dances, Square Dances, Contra Dance
Typical line-up: Accordion and Piano - Rod Stradling, Percussion - Frances Stradling, Double Bass and Melodeon - Howard Mitchell, Violin - Caroline Wright
Contact: Rod and Frances Stradling
Tel: 01543 257419
Web page:

In the early 1970s Rod, Frances and Mitch were at university together in London where they started band called North and South.

North and South played regularly for the University Folk Dance Society and graduated to playing for Folk Dances, Barn Dances, Square Dances and Ceilidhs in the London area, at Cecil Sharp House and at Festivals.

In 1976 Rod and Frances moved away and formed other bands in Warwick and then in Manchester before moving to California. Mitch moved to Hertfordshire and then to Manchester, playing for Mosaic and then High Jinks.

Today Rod and Frances live in Lichfield and Mitch in Derby so they have re-formed the old band with the addition of Caroline Wright also from Lichfield.

On occasions we are also joined by Rachel Taylor from Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Information supplied by Howard Mitchell <>.

Strathallan *SCD*

Based in: South-east England
Style: Scottish Country Dancing/Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion (Chris Oxtoby), Fiddle (Ann F Stonehouse), Piano & Bass (Martin Cairns)
Recordings: Demo CD available
Contact: Chris Oxtoby,
Tel: 01628 670705
66 Allenby Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 5BQ

Strathallan are a trio, consisting of Chris Oxtoby (Accordion) Ann Stonehouse (Fiddle) and Martin Cairns (Piano and Bass). We play mainly in the South of England for country dances, society balls and weddings, and are equally at home with Scottish, English, Irish and American music. A caller can be provided on request. Although recently formed, the band has an excellent pedigree; Chris was a member of Sound Company, and Ann and Martin have played regularly with Hugh Ferguson & Dalriada, Silver Cross band, and MacBains. When you see Strathallan, what we hope you will notice is good music, with a smile!

Information supplied by Chris Oxtoby.

Strath Hanna *SCD*

Based in: State College PA, USA
Style: Scottish Country
Typical line-up: fiddle, piano, whistle/recorder
Recordings: none
Contact: John Collins, +1 (814) 234-6940, email:

Strath Hanna's web page is at:

Information supplied by John Collins.

Strathmore Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh* *Old Tyme* *Weddings*

Based in: Angus/Tayside, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, Old Tyme, Weddings
Typical line-up: 3 or 4 piece. Accordion, Guitar, Fiddle, Drums.
Recordings: none yet although band members have recorded solo and freelance. ()
Contact: Scott Carnegie
Tel: 01241 829003
Tel (mobile): 07759 116776

Good lively ceilidh dance music for all occasions. Dance calling provided. One, two, or both members providing vocals (depending on availability).

Information supplied by Scott Carnegie.

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