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The Kadugan Ceilidh Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Abbey St Bathans, South-east Scotland,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: fiddle, keyboard and accordion, can expand to 5-piece
Contact: Judith Linton
Stevenson Farm Cottage
EH45 8PX

Tel: 01721 752 675

We are a recently-formed glamorous 'girl band' called the Kadugan Ceilidh Band,with Judith Linton from Berwickshire leading the band on fiddle with Joanna Cockburn on keyboard and Fiona Cuthbertson on accordion, but we can happily take up to a 5 piece out (with any feasible combination of instrument, although we draw the line at the paper and comb). Judith has recorded under her own name several times, and with other bands, and features regularly round the country at accordion and fiddle clubs as the Judith Linton Trio. She is particularly well-known for her jokes about sheep. We come from a traditional music background (although Judith is classically trained), but want an up-beat sound, with plenty of life to it that doesn't sound like a million other bands. (We can also call dances). We play at a wide range of functions all over the country and beyond, including ceilidhs, dances, weddings, festivals etc. Judith herself is particularly well-known on the country dance circuit, although she was also pretty well-known on the New Orleans Irish pub scene for a few years.

Information supplied by Joanna Cockburn and Judith Linton.

Kafoozalum *Ceilidh* *SCD*

Based in: West London
Style: Ceilidh/Reeling/Scottish Country Dance
Typical line-up: Accordion, fiddle and piano, plus caller
Recordings: None
Contact: Peter Jenkins (
Telephone: 020 8581 0359
Fax: 020 8581 0359
Web page:

Kafoozalum Country Dance Band was formed in 1978 by Peter Jenkins, who is the band leader and accordion player. The other band members are Rod Dorothy on fiddle and Sandra Smith playing piano; Simon Wales is our usual caller.

Kafoozalum derives its name from the well known schottische of the same name.

As well as Wedding Receptions, Kafoozalum's Scottish Ceilidhs are suitable for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and other family celebrations. Kafoozalum also provide Scottish flavour background music for dinner parties, wine bars and theatre foyers. Kafoozalum is also well known to members of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

The band is based in West London, but plays all over the place:

and everywhere in between!

Information supplied by Peter Jenkins (

Karyn McCulloch *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Single accordion plus MIDI accompaniment
Recordings: Karyn's First Choice (2002): BR025
Contact: Karyn McCulloch
Tel: 07765 911747 or 07939 687082

My name is Karyn McCulloch and I play accordion. I have recently released my debut CD called "Karyn's First Choice" on the Bryan's Room record label (BR025). I play MIDI accordion for various functions - mainly in and around Ayrshire, from weddings, silver weddings, to birthday parties, ceilidh's and also for a beginners class at Ayr branch RSCDS. I have also played for a few demos the Ayr Branch have done recently. I started playing accordion when I was 7 yrs old (20 yrs ago!) and have since played alongside Sir Jimmy Shand at Letham Village Hall, and at various events including the Glasgow Garden Festival and Ayr Flower Show, even on stage at the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr. This was where I first set eyes on a "squeezebox" - back in 1976 when Stuart Anderson (Snr) was playing in the Gaiety Whirl. I've been hooked on music ever since. Although I play for Scottish Dancing and Ceilidh's, I also do a wide range from classical to Russian, Continental and a wee hint of jazz - which is handy for a wee bit of variety for gigs at Accordion Clubs! Most of the gigs I do are solo at the moment - me, my box and my "midi band"! I have done a few spots at A+F clubs with backing from Alan Kitchen (Piano) and I can call on if required. I am actually in the process of trying to pull some sort of 'regular' band together - whether it be duo, trio or a full 6 piece, but I'll keep you posted when it eventually happens! The CD has been selling really well so far - I've even started working on a few ideas for the next one. I'm hoping it will be a 'band sound', as opposed to a 'midi band' sound - only because the midi system is not everyone's cup of tea. It works fine for me at any gigs I've done so far, but a 'live' band always seems to get a better reception for some reason - don't know why. Maybe I could sit a few cardboard cut-outs and sit them around me next time I'm at a gig - see if anyone tells me it "sounds better tonight"!

Information supplied by Karyn McCulloch <>.

Keltic Lynx *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen, North-east, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Fiddle/caller, accordion, keyboard, percussion and guitar.
Contact: Julie MacDonald
Tel: 01224 210180
Tel (mobile): 07709 895357
Web page:

Keltic Lynx is the perfect band for any wedding or event. They are all well established musicians in the North East of Scotland and regularly participate in the Aberdeen folk scene.

The band is a five piece, comprising of: fiddle/caller, accordion, keyboard, percussion and guitar. The all important caller has several years experience and creates an atmosphere, which allows everyone to participate.

Information supplied by Julie MacDonald.

Ken Gourlay's Ceilidh Bands *Ceilidh*

Ken Gourlay is a contact for several ceilidh bands in the Edinburgh area.

Ken Gourlay
Ceilidh Bands
3 Hayfield
Edinburgh EH12 8UJ
Tel: +44 131 339 5374

Information supplied by Ken Gourlay (

Grant Crawford & The Kilbryde Scottish Dance Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Penicuik, Midlothian
Style: SCD/Ceilidh/Reeling/Old time/Weddings/...
Typical line-up: Solo or band to suit your function. Traditional line up based around accordion.
Contact: Email:
Tel: 01968 675943
Mobile: 07848 422396

I offer an experienced band catering for all kinds of functions that has played world wide. Many of my compositions have been used as originals for Scottish Country Dances and have been recorded and broadcast by many of the top Scottish Dance Bands.

Kilrymont Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: St. Andrews, Fife, Central Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 2 fiddles, flute, clarsach, guitar and bodhran
Contact: Katia
Web page:

We're a vibrant young ceilidh band available to play for ceilidhs, balls and parties in and around the St Andrews area. We're currently 6 players, 2 fiddles, flute, clarsach, guitar and bodhran and we play an exciting mix of Scottish and Irish, old and modern tunes that make any dance a great event. If you think that we could make your evening go with a swing please contact us.

Information supplied by Katia.

King Ceilidh Barn Dance Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire
Style: Ceilidh/Barn Dance/Ceili/Weddings
Typical line-up: Two fiddles, accordion and guitar
Contact: Email:
Tel: 01373 830806

King Ceilidh Barn Dance Band performs an exciting mix of Scottish, Irish, English and American styles, delivering a barnstorming ceilidh that everybody can enjoy. Rip-roaring jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes are sure to have all of your guests out of their seats and up on their feet on the dancefloor in no time at all!

The dance caller starts with really simple dances that complete beginners feel quite at home with. Each dance introduces something new. At a Scottish Ceilidh, the caller will include Tartan favourites such as Strip The Willow, The Gay Gordons and The Dashing White Sergeant. An Irish ceili includes The Siege of Ennis and The Bridge of Athlone, along with all your favourite Irish songs. If you're going American, get ready to "dos y doh" in cowboy hats in down-home country style hoedown.

King Ceilidh Barn Dance Band present a splendid traditional British barn dance, a wild Irish knees-up, a Scottish ceilidh or even an American hoedown!

Information supplied by Jennie Evans.

The Kinlochard Ceilidh Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Kinlochard, Central, Scotland,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: Accordion, fiddle and drums, plus optionally Pipes or Guitar, 2nd Fiddle, 2nd Accordion or Keyboards and/or Clarsach - Celtic Harp
Recordings: Slainte - the ceilidh collection (???): ITV601
Spirit of Freedom (???): ITV622
Strip the Willow (1999): ITV656
Contact: Fergus Wood
Ledard Farm

Tel: +44 1877 387 219
Tel (home):
Tel (work):
Tel (mobile):
Fax: +44 1877 382 854
Web page:

Taking its name from the village of Kinlochard at the head of Loch Ard in The Trossachs, Scotland, The Kinlochard Ceilidh Band has established itself as one of the most popular ceilidh bands on the party, wedding reception, anniversaries and corporate hospitality circuit.

The Kinlochard Ceilidh Band has undertaken several overseas tours taking Celtic music and culture around the world. Trips included a six-week tour of Singapore and New Zealand and at the latter represented the U.K. at the Auckland International Folk Festival. The band's reputation as a leading exponent of more contemporary, up-tempo style of Scottish Country Dance music has become well established on the international scene.

As a dance band, the Kinlochard Ceilidh Band specialises in traditional Scottish dance music and Celtic tradition, but our repertoire includes foxtrots, quicksteps, modern waltzes and Latin American rhythms - versatility is our byword. The band can call all the set dances, as required, so nobody need feel left out. At corporate hospitality functions - many of which are for overseas guests - dances can also be called in French or German.

So, if you have a wedding coming up, a corporate function that needs a bit of a swing, or just want an evening of Scottish Ceilidh music, Celtic culture and dance then The Kinlochard Ceilidh Band is ready to entertain.

Information supplied by Fergus Wood <>.

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