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Macadians *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Nova Scotia, Canada
Style: Scottish Country Dance/Ceilidh/Weddings
Typical line-up: Fiddle, accordion, bass and drums.
Recordings: The Dance goes on!!(MAC 99-CD), The Macadians Dancing Master (2CD collection: CD# MAC2)
Contact: Email: Keppie John
Tel: 902-542-5320

The Macadians started in 1976 and have played all over Atlantic Canada for Scottish Country dances, ceilidhs, and shows.

Information supplied by Keppie John.

Craig McCallum Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Aberdeen, NE Scotland
Style: Scottish Country Dance/Ceilidh
Typical line-up: ???
Contact: Address 10 Corse Avenue
AB15 8TL
Tel: [+44] (0)1224 744818

Originally based in Edinburgh, but for the last seven years based in Aberdeen, the band plays for a variety of Ceilidh and SCD's in the Aberdeen area. The band has been regularly broadcasting on national radio for the last 13 years and has made three commercial recordings (two of which were recordings for the RSCDS). The band has made regular trips to the Far East to play for St Andrews night, appearing at Bangkok and Jakarta.

Information supplied by Craig McCallum (

Calum MacKinnon and Andy Imbrie *SCD*

Based in: Seattle, WA, USA,
Style: SCD
Typical line-up: Fiddle and piano
Contact: Calum MacKinnon
Tel: +1 425 670 9084

Andy and Calum roam the country playing SCD balls. They have been playing together for about four years now and have travelled the US and Canada with their music. They are frequently sought after to conduct workshops for both musicians and dancers on performing SCD music.

Information supplied by Calum MacKinnon <>.

Macs'ldubhuit Ceilidh Band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Central Scotland
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 5-6 piece - fiddles, accordion, keyboard, bass, drums, + caller when required
Recordings: The Macs'ldubhuit Ceilidh Band now sold out.
Contact: Dorothy Coe (

The Macs'ldubhuit (pronounced "The Macs'll do it") Ceilidh Band play for weddings functions etc. Traditional, family band, emphasis on enjoyment for dancers rather than getting the steps exactly right! Gigs include Marco's Hogmanay Hootnanny for the last 2 years. All moneys above expenses donated to charities:Childline, RNLI, Concern Worldwide, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Information supplied by Dorothy (

McStocker Ceilidh band *Ceilidh*

Based in: Northern Ireland
Style: Irish and Scottish ceili and old tyme
Typical line-up: Midi accordion, fiddle, flute, guitar, drums
Contact: Email:
Tel: 02879659985 or 07968176352 after 6pm

Four peice ceilidh band playing weddings in the Northern Ireland area. The band has fiddle, accordion, flute, guitar and drums. 25 years experiance and have two callers. Play a range of Irish and Scottish ceilidh dance music and some old Tyme waltzs and jiving songs as well. No experience necessary the dances are all expalined at the start and all the way through. Music and dance for the young and not so young.

Information supplied by mcstockerg.

The Mad Parrots *Ceilidh* *Rock, Songs*

Based in: Dundee, Central, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, Rock, Songs
Typical line-up: Fiddle, Whistles, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Dance Caller
Contact: Nell Parrot
Web page:

You'll get your Dashing White Sergeant. You'll get your Eightsome Reel. You'll get your Gay Gordons, your Circassian Circle, your Strip the Willow, your Military Two Step, your Canadian Barn Dance, and, if you're keen, your Reel Of The 51st Highland Division. You'll get all of that and more but you'll also get the best rock sound you are ever going to get from a ceilidh band.

You'll get the dances called for you if you're not too sure of the steps and if you ask nicely, you can have a few pop/rock classics thrown in by the best traditional and rock musicians you're going to find, not just in Scotland, but ANYWHERE.

We play play weddings, graduation balls, corporate functions, parties and festivals throughout Scotland and beyond.

Visit us at

Information supplied by Helen Forbes.

Madra Confach *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: New York City and surrounding area, including NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH, RI
Style: SCD/Ceilidh/Reeling/Irish/Weddings/...
Typical line-up: 4 to 6-piece: Fiddle (1 or 2), keyboard, drums, guitar, mandolin.
Recordings: Not yet. Have demo CD
Contact: Jenny Evans Winship

We are a driving Scottish Ceilidh Dance band and perform regularly for the NY Caledonian Society and the Long Island Scottish Clans Association, as well as for Scottish weddings, Burns suppers, etc. We provide a caller to help beginning as well as experienced dancers through the ceilidh dance steps.

Information supplied by Mary Morrisson Abdill.

The Marian Anderson Scottish Dance Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Central Scotland
Style: Scottish Country, Ceilidh, Old Time
Typical line-up: 3,4 or 5 piece: 2 accordions, fiddle, piano and drums.
Recordings: Dancers' Choice 1 (2002) Highlander Music HRMCD601
RSCDS Book 42 (2002) RSCDS CD029
Bordering on Scottish released on TRCD9905.
Contact: Marian Anderson 34 Church Road, California, Falkirk, FK1 2BD
Mobile: 07905 649046
e-mail : or

Marian Anderson's band is well known in both the Scottish Country and Old Time dance circles. The band did their debut 'Take the Floor' in 1999 and have featured regularly since. They play at dances up and down the UK as well as abroad.

Information supplied by Max Ketchen.

Màrtainn Skene Highland Dance Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Glasgow, although we'll go anywhere
Style: SCD/Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 3 to 6-piece, accordions, fiddle, smallpipes, piano, drums, bass
Contact: M�rtainn Skene
Mobile: 07891 795 048

A real swinging Highland dance band, specialising in the driving, traditional West Coast c�ilidh and Scottish Country Dance styles. Accordions, fiddle, smallpipes, piano, drums, bass... - available as anything from a 3 to a 6-piece, with the dances called, if desired.

The band has been in demand all over Scotland, down to England and abroad, playing for both c�ilidhs and country dances, including RSCDS events.

Information supplied by Màrtainn Skene.

The Marwicks *Ceilidh*

Based in: Edinburgh, South-east, Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh
Typical line-up: 4-piece: accordion, whistle, fiddle and guitar, including caller
Recordings: The Marwicks Ceilidh Sets ()
Contact: The Marwicks
Tel: 0131 337 8146
Web page:

The band are at their best when playing for dancing. The band comes alive when the floor is heaving and the dance is in full swing. The Marwicks will be happy to guide you through many well known scottish dances. Above all don't worry, we have lots of experience catering for all sorts of ages levels and abilities.

The band always has an experienced caller on hand to guide you through the dances. Even if your guests are absolute beginners we will have them up and dancing in no time. If you require more advanced dances our callers will be happy to advise on the more intricate dance steps to keep you on the right track. Our callers will help keep things flowing along nicely, choosing dances and tempos to suit your mood. We have at least two good callers available who can make your event a memorable occasion.

The Marwicks are available for your function, whatever it may be. For a good evening's entertainment and a full sound we would recommend hiring the full band. However, for smaller events, or if you are on a limited budget, the band are available in a more compact form. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Information supplied by Jim McKeever <>.

Mary Morrisson Scottish Trio *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: New York City and surrounding area, including NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH, RI
Style: SCD/Ceilidh/Old Time/Bluegrass/Weddings/...
Typical line-up: 3-piece: Fiddle (2), keyboard
Recordings: Not yet. Have demo CD
Contact: Mary Morrisson Abdill

We are a traditional Scottish Country and Ceilidh Dance band and perform locally for Scottish Country Dances, weddings, Burns suppers, Ceilidh Dances, etc. For ceilidh dances, we provide a caller to help beginning as well as experienced dancers through the ceilidh dance steps.

Information supplied by Mary Morrisson Abdill.

Mary Ross *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Victoria, B.C., Canada,
Style: SCD, Ceilidh
Typical line-up: ACCORDION with MIDI BACK-UP (bass, piano, drums) OR ACCORDION, FIDDLE, DRUMS, with MIDI bass and MIDI piano
Contact: Mary Ross
Tel: 1-250-383-8877

Mary Ross and George McDowall have been entertaining in the Pacific Northwest since 1974. Pamphlets are available outlining the show. Mary has been playing for Scottish Country Dances, Ceilidhs and Workshops since 1995.

Information supplied by Mary Ross <>.

Matthew Maclennan Scottish Dance Band *SCD* *Ceilidh*

Based in: Paisley
Style: SCD/Ceilidh/Reeling/Old time/Weddings/Everything!
Typical line-up: 3 piece 2 accordions and drums up to full 6 piece band
Recordings: None commercial yet but have performed 3 times on Take the Floor since 2009
Contact: Matthew Maclennan:
Tel: 07709847576

This lively and exciting ceilidh band consists of 2 accordions, fiddle, piano bass and drums.

Matthew (lead accordionist) is also available to provide ceilidh dance instructions and can help you in coordinating the event if required. The band has performed at various venues throughout the country most notably when performing at the Spa Pavilion in Strathpeffer for BBC Radio Scotland for a packed hall of dancers. The band uses excellent sound equipment that contributes to the professional performance you will get from Matthew and his band.

Public Liability Insurance & PAT certificates held.

Information supplied by Matthew Maclennan.

mix'n'mac events *Ceilidh* *Disco*

Based in: Central Scotland,
Style: Ceilidh, Disco
Typical line-up: Recordings plus caller.
Contact: Jon
Tel: 07970 482871
Email: info@mixnmac
Web page:

Established formally in April 2004, we specialise in providing ceilidh dances with a disco twist that appeals to all ages! Traditional ceilidh dances are complemented by modern interpretations, and our music collection covers all genres and eras. A full lighting and PA system, caller and refreshments are included in our package. We also provide catering services and are able to assist with organisation/management of your event, including sourcing bands, transport, photographers etc. Each event is carefully tailored to the needs of the client.

Information supplied by Jon McKay. Name: Petronella Based in: Devon Style: SCD, Ceilidh, Contra Dances Line up: accordion, fiddle, keyboard Contact: Caller: available on request Blurb: available for dances, ceilidhs, weddings and other functions in the West Country. Caller available for beginners or the more expert. Information by Mary Marker

The More the Merrier * English Ceilidh *

Based in: Devon, South-west, England,
Style: * English Ceilidh *
Typical line-up: 2 accordions, fiddle, keyboard.
Contact: Mary Marker

We play for Dances / Clubs / Weddings / Functions. A caller is available who is particularly good with complete beginners and children.

Information supplied by Mary Marker.

The Music Makars *SCD*

The Music Makars were a long-term and very well-respected trio who brought over 40 years of combined experience in Scottish music and dance and led by Etienne Ozorak. Prior to the group's formation in 1987, Etienne was best known as accordionist with Bobby Brown's Toronto-based Scottish Accent. Although now disbanded, the Makars performed primarily for Scottish Country dances across the US, and can still be enjoyed through their recordings.

Etienne now lives in Los Angeles and can be contacted at Etienne Ozorak ( .

Music of Spey *SCD* *Contra*

Based in: Seattle, WA, USA,
Style: SCD, Contra
Typical line-up: fiddle, piano and double bass (cello on the strathspeys)
Contact: Calum MacKinnon
Tel: +1 425 670 9084

Music of Spey is sought after throughout the US and Canada for Balls and workshop weekends. The band is known for its teaching ability at workshops as well as for original and high energy arrangements of Scottish and Cape Breton tune sets. 2003 included a return to the Pearl Holmburg Workshop in Vancouver BC and the Chicago Ball.

Information supplied by Calum MacKinnon <>.

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